6 of The Best Inline Water Filter Systems (2019 Uber Review)

When you’re looking for inline water filter systems, you might often see them labeled under counter systems. This type of filter is usually added to the supply serving your kitchen’s main cold water faucet. Inline filters effectively serve as part of your water supply. One of the key selling points of this type of filtration … Read more

6 Best Refrigerator Water Filters (Our 2019 Review Guide)

Many refrigerators come with taps or ice making functions but what do you do if your water supply is unfit for purpose? You could, of course, consider a whole house filtration system, but what about if you don’t want the expense or the potentially complex installation? Refrigerator water filters make the perfect compromise. Efficient, affordable … Read more

5 of the Best Water Pitcher Filters Ever Made (Review Guide)

Water pitcher water filters are the most affordable and compact solution for improving the taste and content of your drinking water. These lightweight jugs come equipped with filter cartridges housed in the upper reservoir. Unfiltered water passes through this filter and trickles down below where it’s screened and ready for drinking. The key thing to … Read more