Pressure-Assisted Toilets: Are They Really Worth It? Our MASSIVE 2019 Shopping Guide

When you’re hunting for a new toilet, you’ll come across 2 broad categories of flush: Gravity Flush Pressure-Assisted Flush While our focus today is on pressure-assisted flush systems, to put things into perspective, we’ll start by outlining how gravity flush systems work. Gravity Flush The vast bulk of toilets on the market feature a gravity-fed … Read more

Top 3 Toilets From Niagara (Best of Review List)

Back in 2009, Niagara Conservation launched a range of toilets labelled as ultra-high-efficiency. In these eco-conscious times, there’s a sizeable market of consumers who want to use less water in their toilet without compromising performance. The Niagara lineup uses a remarkably low 0.8 gallons of water per flush, half that required to qualify for EPA … Read more